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Breanne Stewart


Breanne Stewart is a minister, wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, and radio personality.  Breanne aka "Minister Bre" was called to preach the word of God when she was just 9 years old.


On July 11, 2014, Breanne started her own women's ministry called "Breanne Stewart Ministries."  Breanne created "BSM" to empower, inspire, and motivate women to walk boldly in their purpose. Breanne also created a program in BSM called the "Princess Program" which is a dance and mentoring program for young girls ages 2-16 years old.


On November 16, 2015, Breanne received her license to become a Minister of The Gospel.  Breanne is now under the leadership of Prophet Julia Hickman-Swelling, Senior Pastor of First Macedonia Baptist Church. Breanne serves as one of the associate ministers at FMBC.  Breanne is married to Martin Stewart, and they have four beautiful children: Makayla Stewart, Zion Stewart, Aaliyah Stewart, and Jeremiah Stewart.


In November 2019, Minister Bre created a virtual masterclass called "The Queendom Tribe." Through the Queendom Tribe, Minister Bre mentors women about how to build strong ministries, businesses, marriages, and friendships through Jesus Christ. The Queendom Tribe Masterclass continues to sell out every single semester.  During the middle of the pandemic, Minister Bre started her own fashion line called "The Bre Speaks Collection" and she was offered her own radio show on Awesome God Radio called "The Bre Speaks Show."  


Minister Bre is determined to live out her purpose and to help other women walk boldly in their purpose. Minister Bre believes that God always has a purpose for our pain, and that our current situation doesn't determine our final destination.