Mustard Flowers

Heidi Benjaminsen


Heidi Benjaminsen is a certified confidence coach for mothers of teenagers who want less worry and more joy in their lives.  Originally from College Park, Maryland and a southern belle at heart, Heidi now resides in Boston with her husband and three teenagers.  Heidi has a BS from Brigham Young University in Sociology and served a mission for the LDS church in Portugal.  With a desire to help as many women as possible tap into their unique light and inner confidence, Heidi coaches women privately and in her group membership, Lighten Up. 


Heidi is a host of the Hi, This Is Heidi podcast, a collector of friends, a daily exerciser, an avid reader, a pink-apron-wearing baker, an advocate for self-care, a devoted mother, a smitten wife and a constant seeker of discipleship.