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Blue Railing

Olga Campora


Olga is trained and certified as a life coach at the worldwide recognized school “The Life Coach School”. She coaches and mentors clients from all over the world. She holds PhD., in Education from the T.G.Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. She is certified as an experienced yoga teacher E-RYT 500+, and has practiced and taught yoga over the last 35 years. She helped hundreds of clients who suffered from back pain. Olga is also certified as the Life Force Yoga Practitioner, a branch of yoga that focuses on helping people with anxiety and depression.

Olga grew up during communism in her home country Czech Republic. She experienced anxiety first hand over such simple facts as having fear to be bullied and belittled by her elementary school communist teachers. As a teenager, she was threatened by communist authorities to lose her personal freedom and be put in prison. She not only survived it but was able to leave it behind, move on and thrive in her life. 

Her life coaching, mindfulness, and yoga teaching skills plus her unique life experience set her apart as someone who understands a wide range of life challenges and is able to meet her clients where they exactly are.  Now, in her new stage as an empty-nester, she lives the life of her dreams as a life coach and helping clients in the US and abroad. Olga would love the same for you – to find your Third Act and live the life you want and she knows how to help you.

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