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      Linette Teerlink is a Precision Nutrition - Level 1 certified coach, owner and CEO of Progressive Athletics, and a certified trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  Over the past 3 years she has helped over 200 seasoned professionals re-enter and maintain active lifestyles. She lives by the philosophy that changing health habits is possible through small actionable steps - and no guilt.

      She started her health journey as a struggling client in 2018. After losing 70lbs and rehabbing her injuries, she was so inspired by her experience she wanted to help others. She became certified trainer in 2020 and found her mission in life.

      As a certified health and fitness coach, she has pursued her passion for helping mid-century adults eat better and move better so they can do what they love!  

      Linette lives with her husband in their home city of Columbia, Maryland where they love to volunteer at their church, hike, and watch movies. When they are not working, they love to visit their grandchildren out west.

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